June 2002 Harvard Monthly Match
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Who says Barry can't drive the tractor with his eyes closed?? Tim performs some last minute stapling of targets. Todd keeps an eye on Ray during the Halls and Walls stage. Hey, is his foot over the fault line?!
Hey Gary, smile. This is supposed to be fun! That soft cover makes it damn hard to see the targets. More of the classifier. "Hey, what do you mean I didn't get all A's?"
Ya' know Tim, that stick blocking the door was a real pain in the @*#! Greg makes sure Roy doesn't fall off the rope during this strong hand only, nightmare Darrigo stage. Actually it was pretty cool... Mark can't believe we make people hang from ropes at Harvard matches.
It was tough remembering where the targets were while you were lost in the crowd of no-shoots. Al Zitta showed us how to smoke the Port Authority stage. Todd goes after the bonus disappearing target
Our Junior shooter of the day in action. Hey Mom, are ya' watchin'? Two happy campers. Or should we say shooters?